As of the date of 01.11.2023,


The JOYALTY loyalty program (program) run by Serkoç Otelcilik Tur. İnş. Taahhüt Tic. A.Ş. registered at the address Meşelik Mah. Çomça Mevkii Sok. No: 10 Milas/MUĞLA- and which deals with the customer loyalty of LUJO Hotel, is designed to enable its members to benefit from the various advantages listed below.

This Program is managed according to this general membership provisions. („Program Membership Provisions and Conditions“)

Membership provisions and conditions are available at Lujo Hotel reserves the right to change these conditions as their wish. The “Program Membership Provisions and Conditions“which is changed, is valid on the date they are published online on the website and after these issues are published, they are accepted with unconditionally by any user who surfing the website. “Received Program Membership Provisions and Conditions” are the provisions and conditions that are valid on the day when they published online on the website.


-Check-in: The date of arrival at the hotel.

-Check-out: The date of leaving the hotel.

-Day-use: Using of hotel facilities during the day only, provided that check-in and check-out are on the same day.

-Correction: The status/total expenditure price which is corrected consequence of a complain of a member or a failure of the program.

-Transaction: Subtraction or addition of the missing expense amount to or from a member's account.

-Guest: A person (non-Program Member) who uses a room for overnight accommodation or daily use (Day Use).

-Prize: Due to the status earned by the member, the program offers any service, product or advantage extra.

-Partner: An institution that is not managed by “Serkoç Otelcilik Turizm İnşaat Taahhüt Tic. A.Ş.“ however, allows members to receive services by offering JOYALTY advantages in their spending on their own network. Partners can operate in many industries, including transportation, gastronomy and tourism.

-Total Revenue: Total cost paid by the member including extra eligible spendings throughout the accommodation.

-Member: Guest who accepted the General Membership Conditions of the Program.

-Eligible Accommodation: Accommodation booked at the Lujo hotel at eligible rates (as defined in Clause 5.1 "Eligible Rates") through Lujo Hotel distribution channels (Websites, Lujo booking office, tour operator).

-Status: It is the level that a member earns in a period, depending on the total amount of eligible spending and determines the benefits and membership level of the member at the hotel.

-Status Point: Points that provide to member to reach various status levels of program and can be earned by the member as described in articles 4.1 and 4.2.


3.1 Membership Conditions

The Program is free and open for everyone who is legally of age.

Depending on the Member's Status and / or choice, members receive a loyalty card that can be used electronically online. The membership card is strictly personal. This card can not be sold, lent or transferred. The membership card is not a means of payment and cannot be used to secure a reservation. The card contains the member's name and individual member ID number. According to the rule, each member can only have one JOYALTY card. The card can only be used by the Member whose name is on the card.

An available and personal e-mail address is required for joining the program. One e-mail address is cannot be used by more than one person. By joining the program, members accepted the receiving e-mails (informative messages, account abstracts) about operations and services presented by program. If the Member does not wish to receive this information necessary for the functioning of the Program, he/she will have to follow the Program termination procedure contained in Article 6. Program Members acknowledge that the Program may be changed, in whole or in part, at any time. Within a reasonable time before their implementation, Members will be notified of any changes made to the Program that significantly alter their rights and obligations associated with the Program, via website and / or electronic communication means. Members have the possibility to terminate their membership as specified in Article 6.

3.2 Register to the Program as a Member

A Guest can participate in the Program in the following ways:

- During accommodation at Lujo Hotel.

- By online registration on the website.

- Lujo reservation office / call center.

A guest provides the required and obligatory information while applying. Depending on participate conditions, new members should accept the Program Membership Provisions and Conditions as online or at the hotel.

After the confirmation of the registration, the Member will take full advantage of all the services of the Program, including access to different functions of the website (such as access to guest account, use of program benefits etc…) and will be recognized as a member at the Lujo Hotel website, call center and reservation office when making a reservation.

3.3 Personal Guest Account

On condition that filling in the requested information in the registration form including username (User Name), guests must create a guest account for participate in the program. The guest declares that the information provided in the registration form or sent to Lujo Hotel is complete and correct. If the Guest provides incorrect or incomplete information and as a result of this, Lujo Hotel cannot provide the Guest with the full Program experience as described hereby, Lujo Hotel will not be responsible for this. The username of Guest is certainly personal and private. Only the Guest responsible for use the name.

- Members can do these by using their personal accounts.

- View their accommodation history and status

- Be acknowledged in website or mobile services

- Define their personal preferences

- Subscribe to Lujo Hotel and Joyalty newsletters and view and manage subscriptions

- Access to special offers and services.


When a Member stays at Lujo Hotel, an appropriate amount of Status points is credited to the Member's accommodation. Without accommodation, Day Use, (Daily Using Hotel) Status uploads are not taken into account.

Points are only credited to the booking owner member account for the respective stay. Points cannot be credited to more than one member for the same stay.

During the crediting of Points, payments will be converted into euros before calculating on the points earned scale. The exchange rate applied by the hotel on departure day is taken from The European Central Bank database.

4.1 Eligible Accommodation Prices Earning Points

Only "Eligible Accommodation" booked at eligible rates entitle the Member to benefit from the Program.

Eligible reservation prices include all general, corporate, and promotional rates, excluding:

- Group reservation room rates, where the rooms are billed to and paid by the organizer in bulk.

- Prices offered to employees of partner companies (travel tourism, etc.), also known as "Partner / Sector Prices";

4.2 Eligible Expenses

Only the following charges (provided they have been paid in full and the Member is actually staying at the hotel) are eligible to be credited to the member's account:

- The accommodation expenses for a room in the hotel and expenses for another room in the same hotel on the same date, provided that the Member is staying in one of the rooms and another Member is not staying in the second room. (maximum two billed rooms.) Note: The member can earn status top-up for accommodation expenses from both rooms upon request.

- Additional hotel accommodation services, including telephone, room service, spa, hotel restaurant meals and drinks in the hotel bars, watersports, photo service, shisha.

- Reservations made from Fly&Stay packages through the website or an agency earn status points only on the amount of accommodation.

Status points are calculated based on the total amount of the eligible expenditure invoice, excluding tax and commissions.

The following expenses are not eligible to earn Status Points:

- The payment for flight services via the website is not eligible for status upload as it is made directly through the flight booking company's website.

- Additional expenses incurred in an unsuitable accommodation (even if paid at the hotel).

- Taxes (especially VAT), tips, Concept Store, Sea Plane and special excursions, private Jet rentals, spa cosmetics, taxi costs, VIP transfers and other related 3rd party charges.

- Expenses incurred in the context of organizing a company seminar, banquet, or any other event - including special events - and are paid collectively by the Member.

4.3 Status Statement

Depending on the total expenses, the Program provides four status levels (Pure, Joy, Art, Limited).

For all new members and for our guests who spend below 4.999€ for accommodation and extras.
For our guests who spend between 5.000€ to 49.999€ for accommodation and extras.
For our guests who spend between 50.000€ to 99.999€ for accommodation and extras.
For our guests who spend over 100.000€ for accommodation and extras.
Accommodation* %5 %10 %13 %15
Upgrade to next room category** - - Complimentary Complimentary
Early check-in, late check-out (2 hours)** - Priority Priority Priority
Sensum Spa 5% 8% 10% 12%
Food & Beverage Extras 5% 8% 10% 12%
Shisha 5% 8% 10% 12%
Laundry Service 5% 8% 10% 12%
Cabana Rental - 8% 10% 12%
Watersports - 8% 10% 12%
Photo Service - 8% 10% 12%
Facial Treatments (20 min) - - Complimentary -
Complimentary Full Body Massage (45 mins) - - - Complimentary
Butler Service - - 25%
Secret & El Gaucho Restaurant - - - Complimentary
Sea Plane Rental - - 10% 10%
Private Jet Rental - - - 10%
Milas/Bodrum Airport Round Trip Transfer - - 10% Complimentary
Farewell Gift - - - Complimentary
  • - The Joyalty Card privileges and discounts are valid only for guests staying at Lujo Hotel.
  • - The cardholder’s accommodation amount cannot be merged, transferred or transmitted with other accommodations.
  • * Online reservation channels are exempt from accommodation discounts and post-stay status points.
  • ** Depending on availability on date of check-in

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4.4 Status validity

The first status validity control date will be 01.01.2024. If the member does not stay within the last 730 days before 31.12.2023, status and points will be reduced to a sub-category on 01.01.2024.


5.1 Program benefits and services available to all members

Only the Joyalty Card Holder Member can benefit from the advantages associated with the membership card status if he/she is the reservation owner and physically stays. These benefits are only available for Eligible Stays, excluding Day Use reservations as defined herein. These benefits are explained in more detail on the website

Eligible Reservation Channels

To be considered eligible, they must be booked through the website, hotel call center, reservation office or travel agency.

- Stays booked through a third-party online travel agency (such as,, etc.) cannot take discounted room rate advantage of the program.

Elligible Room Prices

Elligible room prices include all general room rates and all promotional rates, excluding:

- Day Use prices.

- Corporate prices.

5.2 Conditions of Cancellation and Change

If a pre-booked accommodation is canceled before the accommodation is made and in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale accepted at the time of booking, the payment of the expenses incurred in the said reservation will be determined according to the sales conditions.


The Member can determine to leave the Program as their wish. The Member can do this by using “Communication” page on the website or membership account.


Members can access all information about their membership in the Program (including status, personal preferences, and management of their accounts) through their guest accounts on the website.

Members are reminded that they as a Program Member, agree to receive electronic mail (information messages, account statements, etc.) regarding the activities and services offered by the Program. (in article 3.1) If the member no longer wishes to receive this information, he must request to leave the program. (See termination procedure in clause 6) Any Member participating in the Program also agrees to receive electronic commercial information from the Program by e-mail, including promotions exclusive to Members. If the member no longer wishes to receive these commercial campaigns via e-mail, he / she can unsubscribe from these commercial campaign notifications by clicking on the unsubscribe link located under these e-mails or through the guest account. This process has no effect on his membership.


Information collected during the subscription or during your membership in the program is processed by "Serkoç Otelcilik Tur. İşl. A.Ş.", in order to implement the terms and conditions of the program and to carry out marketing activities based on legal interests. This information is revealed to the legal entities of Lujo Hotel and their service providers, responsible for running the program. Data can be disclosed to contracted partners of the program (hotels, airlines, and other partners) so that the Member can take full advantage of the partners' offers. Without prejudice to the information specified in this provision, your data will be processed and protected as described in the Personal Data Protection contract. Data can be transferred to countries that do not provide an appropriate level of protection. Therefore, relevant and appropriate security measures have been taken and you can request a copy of them. Depending on the circumstances, data about members can be transferred from here to buyers in countries abroad for the purposes stated above.

Members are informed by mail of any abnormal situation detected about them.

By writing to [email protected], you have the right to access your data or to request their correction or deletion, to restrict or object to its processing.


Participation in the Program means the Members' unconditional acceptance of the "Program Membership Terms and Conditions". These General Terms of Use will take priority over previous Membership General Conditions.

In the event of a dispute between a Member and Lujo Hotel regarding the Program Membership Terms and Conditions, the Member can apply for an alternative resolution method in accordance with the conditions specified by the relevant legislation. In order to resolve the dispute, you can contact the Lujo Hotel call center using the "Communication" page on the Website and receive a response within 30 (thirty) days at the latest.

The terms and conditions of Programme Membership shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Türkiye, without prejudice to the mandatory protection laws of the Guest's country of residence.