OPA! Beach Club


Lujo is THE place to celebrate all unique colors that make up the rainbow of the LGBTQ+ flag; and at Indigo, those colors shine brighter.

Exclusive to adults, OPA! Beach Club has been imagined to be the favorite party scene of Bodrum. With live DJ performances, premium bar, exquisite cocktails and Indigo Clubber Rooms specially designed to reveal inner desires, it has already made a name for itself in the peninsula and the saga continues with new fresh touches.

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Indigo Clubber Rooms

We know a place that will double your pleasure with concept songs that will enchant even the most picky ears, Indigo Clubber Rooms!

Coming with either the pool or the terrace options, these party rooms are ideal for those who never want to leave the party scene...

Witness Indigo's happenings from your front row seat and join in whenever you want. And when you want to rest, our recovery kits await you in your rooms.

Indigo Clubber Terrace Room

Indigo Laguna Clubber Room

Beach Club

Let’s raise our cocktail glasses to the summer and the beach life!

Everything you dream of when you close your ideas and imagine a beach party is here at the Opa! Beach Club. Sand beach to dance barefoot in, luxurious sunbeds to enjoy the sun, and live DJ performances to set the soundtrack of summer...

Food & Drinks

Don't forget to try one of our signature cocktails prepared by our mixologists and the fun snacks served from the bar to accompany your alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages all day long with enjoyable music. Moreover, delicious teppanyaki, crafted by Lujo chefs following Japanese cuisine rules, awaits you to enjoy Japanese culture on the Aegean shores.


If your venue of choice is a pool rather than the beach, you will love our OPA! Beach Club Havuz (+16). Relax and lounge at the sunbeds, dance to the rhythm of the summer by the pool or enjoy the music from within the refreshing water. Have a great time – just the way you want.


You will not want to leave this adult-only beach club – and you won’t have to. Serving its own mini burgers, sandwiches, finger food options, snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, you will have everything you need right by your sunbed. Make sure to try one of our signature cocktails prepared by our mixologists.

We would like to remind you that there is a 11.5% service charge for the extra services you will receive.


Offering a combination of Asian and Mediterranean gourmet delicacies and extraordinary creations, Opa! offers you a view to enjoy while having your wine. Moreover, delicious teppanyaki, crafted by Lujo chefs by Japanese cuisine rules, awaits you to enjoy japan culture at Aegean shores...