Kids & Teens


Kids & Teens

We are here to make sure that the children will have the best vacation memories possible!


What is your best vacation memory from your childhood? At Lujo, we aim to give our young visitors the best time of their lives. Whether you like to spend time as a family or let your children play with their friends, we provide the perfect setting so you will be able to relax without worrying about the safety of your children. They may spend their days in the 4500 sqm Kids Club or playing at the sand beach. However they choose...


Reserved for kids only - sorry adults!

Our 4500 m 2 Kids Club will be the favorite spot of our guests under 18. Including entertaining and educational workshops, music rooms, theater, art rooms, science lab, Lego room, game center and outdoor playing areas to name a few, it will operate from 9 AM to 2 AM.


As Friedrich Nietzsche put it so beautifully; “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

At Lujo we have a music room for you to discover your heart's rhythm and make music as you please.

You are free to use it with art and joy.


Hundreds of colors and materials… what are your favorites?

Our Art Room contains various materials suitable for all age groups. Kids of all ages are welcome to visit the Art Room to work on their craft. Our art teachers will introduce younger kids to new materials while guiding older kids to discovering and expressing themselves with their medium of choice, even oil painting.

The art in every corner of Lujo becomes even more meaningful with the participation of children.


Always keep experimenting! Always keep exploring!

Push the limits of your imagination at the Science Room where you are encouraged to ask, test and learn.

You will discover so many new things about science, the world and even yourself!

Lego Robotic

Explore the world of robotics and coding with our fun and engaging Lego Robotic Coding workshop for kids! Designed for different age groups and skill levels, our hands-on learning experience teaches children the basics of programming and robotics using Lego bricks and visual programming language.

Dance Academy

Discover the joy of dance with our Dance Academy for kids! Our experienced instructors teach a variety of dance styles, from ballet to hip-hop, in a fun and supportive environment suitable for different age groups and skill levels.

Basketball Academy

Become a basketball star with our Basketball Academy! Our academy offers a fun and supportive environment where children can develop fundamental basketball skills while building teamwork and sportsmanship skills.

Painting Workshop

Let your child's creativity soar with our Painting Workshop for kids! Our workshop offers a fun and supportive environment where children can explore their imagination and express themselves through art.

Ceramic Workshop

Indulge your child's curiosity and creativity with our Ceramic Workshop! Our workshop provides a space for children to explore the art of ceramics and create their own unique pieces, from hand-built vases to glazed bowls.

Wood Design Workshop

Bring out your child's inner craftsman with our Wood Design Workshop! Our workshop is the perfect place for children to learn basic woodworking techniques while exploring their creativity and imagination.


Workshops interest kids just as much as they do us!

With our carefully curated content according to different age groups, kids will discover new hobbies and improve their skills in those areas.

Entertaining and educating, these workshops will enrich their Lujo experience even more.


Take your seats at the Kijo Amphitheater, the show is about to begin!

Join us each night as professional teams stage entertaining shows followed by your friends’ musical performances.

If you are interested in joining your friends on stage, we invite you to try the Music Room as well!

Our nurse is there at all times

Our nurse is there at all times.

When our children are concerned, we prioritize their well-being. When we know that they are safe and healthy, and they are having a good time, then we can relax and begin thinking of ourselves.

At Lujo we know and respect this. In order to give you a peace of mind and ensure you have the best vacation experience, we have a professional nurse at our service.

We hope you will never need them…

9 AM - 5 PM


Who can count to three? Let’s play together as a family activity!

For parents who would like to play together with their kids in a carefully decorated environment, we have playing areas for kids under 3 years old.


May* – October

* May vary depending on weather conditions
* Not inside Kijo Club.

Get out of the way!

Who doesn’t love a good splash? Our 6 slides in Aquapark are ready for the kids and those who are still feeling young at heart. Aquapark operates from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.


Every kids is special at Lujo and we want them to feel this by heart. That is why we included special branded toiletries, cartoon channels in TV’s, Play Station sets in family rooms and villas. Also, all our restaurants offer kids’ menu items and there is a special food corner just for them at our main restaurant.


Is this your first vacation with your newborn? Would you like some help with taking care of your baby? We will make sure you will have everything you need in your room for your baby or toddler. Cosmetics for her/his gentle skin, special kitchen for their dietary needs, bottle warmer, just name it. If you like, we also offer babysitting services (with charge) so you can enjoy your vacation even more. Babysitting service is available for babies at age 24 months and older.


The activities vary for all age groups, and for teens they are utterly different! We offer activities, workshops and hobby rooms for all your ranging interests and characteristics.

You may catch your own rhythm at the rhythm workshop, do water sports on the beach or assemble your own team for beach volley! PlayStation tournaments and Laser Tag arena also await you if you are into playing games.

The famous Indigo Club is also available to you if you are 16 or over. You may observe the party scene to improve your newly acquired mixology skills!