Prepare yourself for a journey into a lush world full of art & joy!

Joy is what resides at the center of our philosophy at Lujo with the firm
belief in its transforming power to let people to be overcome by the magic
of their heart’s delight.


With this in mind, we made it our goal to create more and more joyful moments for our guests hence take a step in making the world a better place and change it. For us, every joyful moment comprises flawless art with the way it appeals to our minds, hearts and souls. Art and Joy, both profoundly heart felt qualities, are the main pillars of our concept at Lujo Hotel to create a totally unique environment.

Lujo Bodrum, with its minimal architectural style, natural colors and spectacular Aegean view, blends comfort and luxury with such delicate balance and an artistic rigor to give you more pleasure than a masterpiece can offer.

Our Soul & Our Values

Welcome to Lujo – a lush green world of Art & Joy!

We have designed everything with your comfort and pleasure in mind. Take this time to discover yourself and what “joy” means to you.


Here at Lujo we believe vacation should be approached as an “art” as well. For example, there are no buffets at our restaurants. Every order you give will be prepared instantly by our chefs. You will only need to pick your venue among our enchanting restaurants.

Make your decision and we will prepare it for you.

From festal beach parties to peaceful Sensum SPA, from yoga sessions in the nature to water sports on the sea, from local excursions to helicopter tours to the islands… we will make your wishes come true in Lujo. For a completely custom vacation, where you will utterly and completely bask in joy and art, you are at the right place.

We have custom alternatives for families, kids and teens, honeymooners, fun-lovers, peace-seekers… all within the same lush world of art & joy. Browse our website or give us a call right now for details.



When you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bodrum,
Don’t assume you will leave as you came.
The others before you were the same too,
As they departed, they all left their souls behind.

Fisherman of Halicarnassus


Bodrum, as Fisherman of Halicarnassus said, where everyone leaves their souls behind, incorporates all kinds of noble colors just like a beautiful canvas painted by a talented artist. Deep blue sea, all shades of green, sweet white houses inviting to tranquility and fascinating night life with plenty of choices are only a few of what Bodrum can deliver making this beautiful town a star for travelers. And on top of everything Bodrum can offer, Lujo invites you to experience art and joy hand in hand, crafted to combine luxury and comfort, giving way to the rich, soft, quiet of an awakened soul …


Mugla has a special place for apiculture, or beekeeping. Its endemic plants and pine forests give a rich flavor to honey that you cannot get enough of. This delicious and beneficial food is still the main income source for thousands of families, and apiculture increases the productivity of agricultural areas by natural means. You could spread some delicious honey on your bread for breakfast or enjoy its natural sweetness in your afternoon tea.

Sometimes the bees may visit your table to see if you like their honey. Don’t worry – they will leave you once they see that you are enjoying yourself.


Once you smell the delicious and sweet Bodrum Tangerine, you will never forget it again…
Unfortunately you will not be able to taste the real fruit unless you visit Lujo in autumn, but you can still taste this legendary essence through Bodrum tangerine flavored soda drinks, Turkish delights, or even tangerine jam.


The healthy and delicious natural Aegean herbs are indispensable – especially during the summertime. With a little bit of olive oil and garlic, along with some yogurt, or if you are ready for a gastronomic adventure, with eggs… However, you prefer them, make sure to try some of these marvelous herbs that have inspired local feasts: Ortakent Bitter Herb Festival and Halikarnas Herb Festival


The traditional method of Milas, cold-pressing, is the healthiest and delicious way to obtain olive oil from the olive trees surrounding Bodrum. This local taste ranks among the top olive oils in many international competitions. You may enjoy it in your food or salads, or dip your bread in its pure form as an appetizer.


Who could ignore the beauty of romantic wooden boats? Preserving their importance through the Ancient times, Tirhandil boats are wooden vessels that have oars and sails, still widely used in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. You could watch them and other boats sail through the blue seas at Tirhandil Cup and the Bodrum Cup. The last stage of Tirhandil Cup will be held on May 12-13.


Sponge fishing is one of the many things Bodrum is known for – and it’s also the reason its sea hosts almost all Mediterranean Sea creatures. The underwater caves and shipwreck sights make diving an unforgettable experience for divers on all levels of dive training. If you would like to see it for yourself, grab a snorkel or sign up for a diving lesson!


A favorite pastime of many, golf has a special place for us.

As a proud member of IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators), we offer our guests the opportunity to play at the only 18-hole course of Bodrum. We will arrange your free transfer to the Regnum course which is only 15 minutes away from Lujo.