Kariyer / Project Manager

Project Manager


Art & Joy reside at the heart of the philosophy at Lujo, taking you on a journey to rediscover your inner child and get enchanted by the vibrant orange that so perfectly reflects our energy. Vacationing at Lujo truly is anything but ordinary and so is working here. If you, too, feel this bursting energy and wish to share it and enrich the team with your colorful personality and your knowledge, we should definitely meet. Join us on this journey to offer our guests a unique experience whilst developing ourselves further and gaining brand new perspectives on hospitality with every new day.

Job Description & Responsibilities:

To be responsible for the creation of the hotel's architectural design projects (construction site and/or renovation) with the team under his/her management,

Managing all processes from design and drafting of official projects, execution of tender preparation processes and control of the project on site,

To be responsible for the orientation, training, supervision and management of the team according to the projects,

To ensure communication, information flow and coordination between departments,

To make the necessary plans for the completion of the project within the planned time and budget,

To ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the technical specifications and drawings with appropriate quality,

To ensure coordination and contract management with international companies and 3rd party companies within the scope of Project Management,

Under the heading of Technical and Quality Practices, to ensure that the teams reporting to him/her carry out the necessary controls and measurements and that the completed works are delivered to the quality department in accordance with the drawings and measurement cards specified in the work order and published in the annex of the work order,

To ensure that field productions are carried out in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety rules,

Project planning with all its components (method, scope, time, cost, quality, human resources, communication, risk/opportunity, procurement, OHS, general coordination), preparing project management and business plans and keeping the plans up-to-date,

To compare the actual and planned/targeted use of resources such as labor, time, budget and materials both during and at the end of the projects and to take measures,

Risk management to minimize potential risks,


Graduated from Architecture or Civil Engineering departments of universities,

15 years of experience in the construction industry, 10 years of experience in a similar position,

Experienced in facility design,

He has been involved in luxury villa and resort hotel projects from inception to finalization,

Experience in field operation management,

Advanced level of AutoCad, Revit, MS Office Project programs,

Experienced in construction organization; experienced in team building, subcontractor management,

Good command of English grammar,