We set off to create new stories to be told to our guests by blending comfort and luxury with care at Bodrum’s, one of Turkey's most beautiful residential areas, Guvercinlik bay that stands out with its nature.

INTIMACY, HUMANISM, QUALITY, SIMPLICITY and PLEASURE are the values ​​that constitute the basis of the working environment for our internal guests, in other words our employees, as well as of an atmosphere for our guests.

We know that the best way to deliver a top-notch service to our guests is to give our colleagues the value and care they deserve, to contribute to their development and to invest in the future.

At Lujo, you will have a business life where management approach is based on respect for human beings and we all have the right to speak up about the topics we care about, the right to information and the right to contribute and where passion is the basis of principles.

For applications:

WhatsApp Phone Number: +90 538 096 11 88


Our Soul & Our Values

Could you imagine a more purposeless life than a life without joy?

The joy to live. The joy to host you. The joy to just be…

There are many magical moments that we cannot even notice in our everyday lives. To fix this; so you can be freed from this state and relax, we have prepared a rainbow-colored utopia full of art and joy for you to relax and feel alive all at the same time – and we named it LUJO. At Lujo you will discover yourself and your inner joy all over again. Your time with us will be your key to unlocking the pleasant memories of future and past in your life.

Our Values


Our pledge is simple and sincere: we are here to make sure you have an unforgettable time in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. We value honesty and transparency in our promises and communication.


Simplicity and elegance is always preferred to vanity and flamboyancy.


As John Ruskin put it; “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”


Here at Lujo, all decisions are made with people-orientation in mind. We would like both our guests and our team to gain something from their experience. We always aim to add value.


For a world of joy, our hope is for all parties to be open to new and joyful experiences. To ensure that you will have a joyful time first we make sure our team is happy. This comfort will provide a peace atmosphere that you can enjoy here at Lujo.